Jam Weeks

The Jam Weeks are an integral part of the curriculum at Bradley School of Music. Students build confidence every month by performing with other students, instructors, and top Bay Area musicians.

Wanna Jam?

Jam Nights

This no pressure jam session is the perfect place for any student looking to sharpen their performance skills and receive positive reinforcement. Performing live is a crucial part of the BSM program, and it has been proven to be effective, insightful, and most importantly fun!

Adult Jam

The Adult Jam is a bit of a different vibe. Of age students can come relax, grab an adult beverage, and perform with BSM instructors. It’s a place for people to showcase what they’ve been working towards, and also to meet new people to jam with.

Family Jam

The Family Jam Night is a fun place for students of all ages and levels to perform in a fun and encouraging environment. Friends and family members can sit down and grab a bite to eat while enjoying some live music from BSM students and teachers.

Seminar Series*

Lab-based sessions covering a variety of music "industry" topics. These can include songwriting, music theory, harmony, music business, improv and more. Students can connect with different instructors for focused learning sessions. (*Zoom and in-person)

Open Counseling

Office hour where students can drop-in for up to 20 min sessions. These can be 1:1 or group sessions depending on participation. Pizza provided!

Microphone on stage

Open Mic

Open to the public! Students can bring in friends or family to hear them play on stage.

Schedule of Jam Weeks 2022

March: 21st-27th
April: 25th-5/1
May: 23rd-29th and school closed 5/30
June: 27th-7/3 and school closed 7/4
July: 25th-31st
Aug: 22nd-28th
Sept: 26th-2nd
Oct: 24th-30th
Nov: 21st-27th
Dec: TBD

Let's start playing

The monthly tuition reflects our all-inclusive music education program. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, you will achieve your musical goals through one-on-one instruction and community activities including monthly jam sessions, open mic nights and master classes. These events are a few of the ways students get to hone their skills outside of one-on-one instruction.We specialize in teaching & performance on guitar, vocals, piano, drums, bass, and ukulele.  

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